As Chartered Financial Planners, AV Trinity take great pride in its relationships with accountants, solicitors, private banks, care homes, barristers and other professionals. The bedrock of these relationships is a shared standard of professionalism and a 100% focus on the client’s needs and the enhancement of service standards.

We see our relationships with Professional Partners as a long term commitment, complementing the professional activities of our Partners with our delivery of specialist financial advice.

For some of our Professional Partners, we provide holistic client advice and for others we deliver expert services in specific areas such as, the division of assets (primarily pensions) in divorce, trust investment, Court of Protection and IHT & CGT mitigation strategies.

When AV Trinity and a Professional Partner work together –

  • We promise that if a client is referred to us we will keep the Professional Partner fully involved in the relationship.
  • With client permission, we will always provide our Professional Partners with full details of our recommendations.
  • We will involve our Professional Partners in the regular client review process.
  • We are happy to arrange initial client meetings here in Tunbridge Wells, in London or at a mutually convenient location
  • We will always respect and never compromise your relationship with the client

If you are a professional adviser and would like to know why AV Trinity is special, and to explore ways in which we can work together in creating a superior service for your clients which will be mutually beneficial, please make contact with Richard Randall, Business Development Manager.



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