Financial advice in matrimonial cases has to negotiate numerous legislative issues which means this a highly specialist area of financial planning.

There is a big difference between pre and post settlement advice and at AV Trinity we have a thorough knowledge of the taxation and legal implications of financial matters upon divorce. We are able to give a comprehensive service to matrimonial solicitors and accountants, ensuring a thorough and “joined-up” service from start to finish – we call this “Settlement Engineering”. We try to create a palatable result and always bear in mind the Duke of Wellington’s words – “Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle won!”

Some of the services that we offer are –

Pre-Settlement Post-Settlement
  • Initial case review
  • Forensic review of pensions
  • Forensic review of all financial assets
  • PPF investigations
  • Analysis of income requirements post-divorce
  • Collaborative & Mediative involvement
  • Technical Training on Pensions
  • Cash Flow & Budgeting advice


  • Investment portfolio construction
  • Re-establishment of pension benefits
  • Management of maintenance settlement
  • Replacement of lost benefits
  • Review of estate planning


Making it work :-  We are great believers in helping  to find solutions rather than creating acrimony – we call it Settlement Engineering, trying to find the most efficient and palatable solution for both parties.

We are :–  Comfortable with fee based advice, happy to present our current thinking on topical issues at the offices of our Professional Partners and prepared to negotiate our invoicing terms to suit the circumstances.

Please make contact to arrange a discussion and a full overview of our matrimonial services for Family lawyers.

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