There are many products designed to provide benefits in the event of  death or critical illness, and as Independent Financial Advisers we can review current arrangements in a totally unbiased way.

We ensure that any cover is tailored exactly to the client’s needs at the most competitive price.  We also ensure that existing arrangements are value for money and that they are doing the job that they were intended to do.

As well as protecting families, policies such as life assurance can be arranged to cover your mortgage or business liabilities and we will give consideration to implementing your cover within a trust, meaning that payments to beneficiaries are without delay and tax efficient.  We can also arrange cover to protect your income, and therefore your financial plans, in the event of suffering from a long term illness.

Death is inevitable, but many of us leave arranging suitable cover until it is too late, too expensive or unavailable due to medical conditions. Adequate protection needs to be near the top, not the bottom, of your financial priority list.

Care Fees