To help a client effectively, we have to begin by understanding your personal goals and investment attitudes. Only then will we start the process of creating an appropriate strategy.

Inheritance Tax is often avoidable and appropriate planning can have a significant effect on the size of taxable estate that is passed to heirs.

Many people fall foul of the HMRC by setting up arrangements that they think will avoid IHT, but often these strategies prove to be highly contentious in the eyes of HMRC.  The most common is to give something away, but in reality keeping it for example gifting away the family house whilst still living in it, or putting money into a trust and still being able to get it back. These may sound like good ideas, but a gift is not a gift if the donor retains actual or potential benefit from the gift, except in some special circumstances and we are fully aware of these.

We can help you to:

  • Plan an estate in order to take advantage of the IHT & CGT exemptions.
  • Make use of HMRC approved IHT mitigation solutions
  • Avoid the use of the contentious schemes that have tripped up many celebrities over the past few years
  • Review your will (assuming one exists!)
  • Establish Trusts to hold assets outside your estate in a tax efficient way.
  • Ensure that any IHT planning still gives access to the income that you require.
Start work on your estate preservation today and contact us to arrange a review, at our cost, of your current arrangements.