Less than 10% of independent advisers in the UK are female, but at AV Trinity almost half of our advisory team are female.

Whilst all of our advisers work across the gender divide and advise in a straightforward and jargon free manner, we understand that there will be times when you may feel more comfortable speaking with a female adviser. There is an increasing number of women who are taking control of their finances, and who prefer to be advised by another woman.

The small number of independent female IFAs is all the more surprising when you consider that –

  • It is predicted that women will own more than 60% of the nation’s wealth by 2025
  • Around half of all GPs and a majority of solicitors are now female

Female clients often come to AV Trinity as a result of a change in their personal circumstances; bereavement, divorce and the need to care for elderly relatives. At times like this we can help to ease the burden of any financial turmoil with our sympathetic, yet professional approach. Building a long term, trusting relationship with our clients, is something upon which we pride ourselves.

Independent research shows that good female IFAs are perceived as being good listeners, confident with a high degree of empathy.

At AV Trinity we certainly don’t believe that our female advisers are any better than our male advisers – just DIFFERENT.  Our clear, high quality advice is given within a trusting, confidential but friendly environment. You have nothing to lose by contacting us for an initial discussion which will be at our cost with no obligation whatsoever.
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